DigitalGrow was created to solve a major problem plaguing the CannaBusiness retailer. Whether you consider yourself an herbalist or a botanist, the fact is that by and large your interests often didn't extend to computers and programming them. Now, all of a sudden, the world has evolved to the point that anybody who expects to succeed in retail must have a highly functional web site so that their customers can find them; so that they can communicate with their buyers to provide information.

DigitalGrow is your go-to solution for your CannaBusiness needs. Clients love our pre-designed websites. Our customers are the sort of people that don't want to wait weeks or months up to get everything set up, online, paid for, and working. Now it's a matter of Same Day Service.

No longer do you need to be some sort of computer guru, a master of HTML, or some sort of CSS3 wizard. Our experts do it all, behind the scenes, where you never have to interact with all the complexities. DigitalGrow just makes sure it works.

The DigitalGrow Experience

If you've been searching around and getting more and more frustrated trying to figure out how to get this job done, how to get it over with, then we have the solution for you. Near the bottom of the page is a link that allows you to request a free demonstration. Are you tired of all the people who make it sound so difficult? Or those who use strange terms like HTML5 and cascading style sheets to "explain" things that end up being completely unexplained by the end of the conversation?

No more, we promise! We'll walk you through the demonstration, and show you how things work; we'll let you make the changes so that you feel comfortable if you want to change the background color, add a new picture, edit some text or whatever else you need to do. We'll give you confidence in yourself that you can get the job done.

But we'll also give you confidence in us. If you forget how to do something, or you can't make something work the way you want it to, give us a call and we'll explain everything. We are not secretly snickering at you in the background—all we want is for it to work for you. That is the most important thing. Customer service is our top priority and we want you to feel comfortable.

The only stupid question is the one that goes unasked!

Rock Solid

DigitalGrow is the foundation upon which you can build your web presence. We assert that your website will be up when your clients need it. No mysterious or odd disappearances and no unexplained downtime! We can even perform a server upgrade (one of those mysterious things that those bafflegab web-service retailers said in order to justify making things more expensive) without interrupting any sales or browsing that are occurring on your website.

Here for You

Although we like keep office hours for telephone service, our e-mail service is always available, and we will get back to you with an answer within 24 hours, even on weekends!

Whatever your needs, we will be there to make things right. The only people who want your website to work perfectly more than you do are the folks at DigitalGrow!

Package Deals

Purely optional, of course, but if it strikes your fancy and you want to increase your area of influence or your number of sales, we can certainly provide some reasonably inexpensive advertising packages. They include display advertising and ongoing search engine optimization (SEO). Just call us to discuss what you would like to accomplish and we can design a package that is effective and has regard for your budget.