Digital Networks

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If you sell products or services nationally through representatives, agents, resellers, dealers, franchisees, branches or distributors, you have the unique opportunity to give them each a highly localized, personalized and relevant digital branding campaign that your customers will truly connect with. Without all of those personal points of connection your company would have no choice but to brand itself as one big corporate entity and nobody is searching for that.

Digital Website Networks are designed for:

  • Multi-Locations
  • Franchisors
  • Manufacturers
  • Agent Based Organizations
  • Lead Generation

Brand Management

Maintain control over your 30 local area websites or 1,500 sales reps, all from one centralized dashboard. Each network has endless capabilities and can be customized to your specs to allow your users as much control & flexibility as you deem appropriate in design and content. Need to update these 1,500 websites? No problem. Make changes one time and watch them populate to any or all sites instantly.

  • Quickly create and deploy thousands of hyper-localized or personal websites.
  • Update all individual websites instantly with a click of a button.
  • Customize individual sites for additional unique personalization.
  • Lock down content to prevent users from changing sensitive branding and messaging.

Content Management

Over 95% of users/website owners do not generate content on a regular basis. We solve this problem with our Multi-Site Blogging platform. Companies can publish original content that is pushed out to all sites in a network in a way that requires zero user interaction all while providing unique and individualized posts as if the user wrote it themselves.

  • Push out content instantly to 1000s of locational or individual websites/blogs.
  • Personalized and dynamic branding of collateral such as PDFs, product descriptions and print collateral.
  • Deploy smart tags for changing content uniquely based on the individual website settings.
  • Allow individual content changes and additions on each personalized website and blog.

True Localization Is Impressive

Searchers want “Local” so search engines want “Local”. So having a unique presence in each and every (20-2000) of your markets is pivotal in reaching new customers. Our Multi-Site CMS has the ability to manage all sites from one central dashboard as well as managing individual sites for unlimited customization. Take your 20 page website and turn it into a hyper-localized 500 city, 10K page website with a web footprint that will get you noticed, empower your users and dramatically increase your bottom line. The good news is that winning the national branding wars is very simple to do, one small local market at a time with DigitalGrow Marketing.

Post Once, Post Everywhere

Social media has become an ever-important means of how people communicate and connect with one another. Built directly into our Multi-Site Blogging platform, companies can push scheduled and automated posts to 1000s of personalized social media profiles, personalizing posts with local website address, city, state, phone and virtually any custom field you can think of that is unique to each website.

  • Sync unlimited amount of social profiles to your entire brand network.
  • Automated social posting to 1000s of personal social profiles.
  • Seamlessly integrate social media interaction and content publishing for your entire network.